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Infusion Rate 1 mL/h to 1200 mL/h.
Flow Accuracy ±5% (accuracy of qualified infusion set after calibration)
Priming / Bolus Dosage Rate 1000 mL/h
Infusion Volume 1 mLto 9999 mL
Accumulative Volume 0 mL to 9999 mL (0.1 mL increment)
History Records Up to 1500 records
Occlusion Alarm Threshold High: 107.1 kPa to 174.8 kPa
Middle: 54.1 kPa to 110.2 kPa
Low: 2 kPa to 45.1 kPa
Ultrasonic Bubble Detector Sensitivity ≥25 µL
KVO Rate 0 mL/h to 5 mL/h (adjustable, 1mL/h increment)
Power Supply AC 110-230 V~ 50-60 Hz;
Built-in battery: DC12V rechargeable lithium iron phosphate battery can allow the pump to operate at
the infusion rate of 25 mL/h (middle infusion rate specified in EN60601-2-24: 2015) for over 5.5h, after
it is charged for 16 hours.
Dimensions 282 mm (L) × 170 mm (W) × 120 mm (H)
Weight 2 kg (include I.V clamp, customizable)
Infusion Set Compatible with 9 different brand of disposable infusion sets (5 brands pre-calibrated
by the factory).
It is recommended that the users calibrate any brand not listed before using for the first time

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