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Engineered with a 6-layered triple filtration system,
this reusable protection mask is
your perfect outdoor essential.

This mask is reusable up to 30 gentle hand washes.

Carefully designed for all weather conditions, keeping
breathability and comfort in mind, the reusable outdoor protection mask keeps you safe from
dangerous microbes, pollutants, dust, particulate matter,
smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bush fires, etc

95%+ Bacteria filtration efficiency (BFE) for over 3µm (micron) sized bacteria.

95%+ Particle filtration efficiency (PFE) for over 0.3µm (micron) size particles.

Fluid splash resistant test on Hydro-static head test for up to 160 mmHg –
Protects against accidental fluid / sneeze droplets from reaching user’s nose and mouth.

Carefully designed for all weather conditions keeping breathability {Differential
pressure test (Delta P) with < 35 Pa/cm²} and comfort in mind.

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