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Access to Indian market

Strategic partnership


We help Principal Product Companies to develop and implement long-term growth initiatives and make immediate contributions by eliminating waste and non-essential initiatives and infrastructure. We provide strategy, outreach, training, marketing and sales management support and consulting services. Our approach is to assess top-line related issues from strategic, marketing and sales perspectives. We focus on revenue-generating opportunities which are fact based, and concentrate on financially justifiable investments.

Product launch, brand identity and market penetration


We provide Product Launch, market penetration, supply chain management, marketing communication and activation for the Brands which are eyeing in Indian Market.


Prajwal Group’s Marketing Team has proven ability to structure Partnering company’s objectives, identify experts, and extract relevant information. DME, Rehab and Mobility, and other Healthcare Brands across globe benefit from our approaches and services portfolio by acquiring greater strategic control over the development and commercialization of their products, along with solid information intelligence required to maximize their budget spends.  We support you create a market share and strong foot hold on the regions, which includes (not limited to) :


  • Evaluate the product portfolio with respect to target segmentation and positioning.
  • Establishing the brand integrity and outreach acceleration.
  • Chanel Partner sourcing and managing within the agreed territories ( Incl: Online and Offline )
  • Education , Awareness campaigns & PR
  • After Sales and Service Support
  • Representing the Brand within trade fairs and Symposiums.
  • Mobilize sales force (including training within the channel partners).
  • Managing SKU’s and Price elasticity.
  • Reporting on monthly basis the marketing Avenues and projected sales.
  • Support and Identify New Markets-Share, Size and Competitive Analysis.
  • Digital Seeding for key SKU’s
  • Provide focused approach and building brand Equity.
  • Legal and Compliance